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1 a person with unusual powers of foresight [syn: visionary, illusionist]
2 an observer who perceives visually; "an incurable seer of movies"
3 an authoritative person who divines the future [syn: prophet, oracle, vaticinator]

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From the verb to see.


  1. someone who sees something; an eyewitness
  2. someone who foretells the future; a clairvoyant, prophet, soothsayer or diviner


someone who sees something; an eyewitness
someone who foretells the future

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Cassandra, Don Quixote, Druid, Quixote, TV-viewer, astrologer, augur, authority, beholder, bird-watcher, bystander, calamity howler, clairvoyant, crystal gazer, daydreamer, divinator, diviner, divineress, doctor, dreamer, dreamer of dreams, drugstore cowboy, elder, elder statesman, enthusiast, escapist, eyewitness, forecaster, foreknower, foreseer, foreshower, foreteller, fortune-teller, fortuneteller, gaper, gazer, gazer-on, geomancer, girl-watcher, goggler, great soul, guru, haruspex, idealist, illuminate, intellect, intellectual, kibitzer, looker, looker-on, lotus-eater, lover of wisdom, mahatma, man of intellect, man of wisdom, mandarin, master, mastermind, mentor, observer, ogler, onlooker, oracle, palmist, perceiver, percipient, philosopher, predictor, prefigurer, presager, prognosticator, prophesier, prophet, prophet of doom, prophetess, psychic, pythoness, rabbi, religious prophets, rhapsodist, rishi, romancer, romantic, romanticist, sage, sapient, savant, scholar, seeress, sibyl, sidewalk superintendent, soothsayer, spectator, spectatress, spectatrix, starets, televiewer, television-viewer, thinker, utopian, utopianist, utopianizer, vates, video-gazer, viewer, visionary, watcher, weather prophet, wise man, wise old man, wishful thinker, witness
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